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• honouring Darwin’s scientific legacy
 • facing the unanswered questions
   • investigating the case for Intelligent Design

Honest to Darwin

Shrewsbury • Shropshire • England

in Charles Darwin’s birthplace for his bicentenary in 2009:

national, international and local speakers on evidence for design - confirming, challenging and changing opinions in the evolutionary debate

Shrewsbury Deep Waters Trust
PO Box 4694 • Shrewsbury SY1 9BX

a non-denominational Christian charity

To show how the evidence for design has changed since Darwin’s time and its relevance in the digital age

why Shrewsbury?

So Darwin’s home town can hear a balanced discussion of the science

why Design?

why Honest?

To look honestly at Darwin’s original views and their relationship to contemporary neo-Darwinism

topical lectures for all


special interest sessions
for educators and church leaders

23rd - 28th February 2009

registered in England & Wales number 05533166 • charity number 1117724 • 12 Belmont, Shrewsbury, SY1 1TE

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